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What to do if The Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Interfering with Child Custody?

Struggling with your queries like “can my ex dictate who is around my child” or “can my ex-husband’s girlfriend keep my child from me”? No worries. Here are answers.

Co-parenting with an ex sometimes becomes difficult because of the challenging circumstances as well as depends on the fact that on what terms your marriage ended and how is your relationship with your ex-husband after separation. It can come with even more problems especially when your ex-husband introduces a new girlfriend.

Your ex-husband’s new significant interfering with child custody is one of the serious challenges for you that you must sort out efficiently. With the right assistance, you can deal with it all effectively and efficiently.

Is my Ex-Husbands Girlfriend Allowed Around my Child?

In most cases, unfortunately, the answer is ‘yes’. Your ex-husband’s girlfriend is all allowed to be around or babysit your child and that can be because your ex has parenting time. Moreover, if nothing is stated about this in the child custody plan in the court’s visitation order or parenting plan then your ex-husband’s girlfriend can spend time around your child until she puts the child in any danger.

Can I Prevent Ex-Husband Girlfriend from Interacting With My Child?

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Ex-husband introducing a new individual into children’s lives is sometimes just a normal emotional reaction, other times, however, there can be serious red lights going off that may further result in severe damages for you and your children making you generally worried about the new person’s involvement with your kids.

For instance, if you find out that the new girlfriend of your ex-husband is abusing (emotionally, physically, mentally or sexually) your kids, you are allowed to take steps to prevent your ex-husband’s girlfriend from interacting with your kids.

Likewise, if your ex-husband and the new girlfriend are involved in inappropriate activities such as sexual activity or drug abuse around your kid, in such a situation you are all allowed to prevent your ex-husband’s girlfriend from meeting and remaining around your kids.

Additionally, if you feel like your children are in immediate harm, you can report your concerns to the concerned authority or contact law enforcement for immediate action. 

Furthermore, if your concerns are not that severe and don’t rise to the extent but are legitimate however you can address your certain concerns in court. You can also decide to modify or amend the terms of your visitation arrangements as well as existing custody. Nevertheless, you will have to convince the judge that your ex-husband’s new girlfriend spending time around your children is not in the best interests of your children.

A judge is likely to revise or amend the terms of your parenting plan only if you can come with evidence that meets the standard “best interest of the children”.

Do You Need To Worried About it?

Not really, however, if you feel that your children are being overly influenced by your ex-husband’s new girlfriend, then you may get worried about her spending time around your kids. Also, if you feel that she is trying to involve herself in your children’s lives on purpose then this would be considered an alert and you must be worried about that now.

6 Tips to Solve The Problem

In case you want to solve the problem before going to the court on your own, you may try the below-mentioned tips that will help you sort this issue out effectively.

  1. Document Everything

It is highly suggested to document everything that your ex-husband’s new girlfriend does with you including sending you nasty or threatening texts, aggressive posts on social media and more…

  1. Do Not Respond If She Creates Drama Online

The interaction will bring nothing but weaken your case in case you go to court ahead. So wise is to document everything and move on.

  1. Talk To Your Ex-Husband

Since you and your ex-husband are in co-parenting try to talk things out with him. Do share your thoughts about his girlfriend with him and tell him what has been threatening you. 

  1. Talk To Your Kids Constantly

Try engaging your kids with you more and make them share each and everything with you regarding how your ex-husband’s new girlfriend treats them and lives with them.

  1. Try Involving Close Family Members

You may try involving your and his mutual close family members and try to make things work out of court.

  1. Consult Child Custody Attorney

It is suggested to consult a child custody attorney for wise advice regarding the case and get help to resolve this issue.

Can I Control Who Is Around My Child?

Fortunately, you can control any person around your kids if they are expected to harm them in any manner including your ex-husband’s new girlfriend. You can control and manage to solve this problem by imposing conditions on the child custody or parenting plan. Or perhaps the court imposed such conditions on the joint custodial order. However, there are limitations when it comes to controlling who is around your kids when they are with your ex-spouse.

Can I Get Help From a Child Custody Attorney?

If you find out that your ex-husband’s new girlfriend is trying to withhold your kids from you by insisting on your ex-husband, or any other related issue, then considering the best interest of your children, you may also opt to get the help of a child custody attorney who can help you resolve this issue.


If you find out that your ex-husband’s new girlfriend is causing serious problems or may abusing your kids emotionally, mentally, psychologically and mentally, there are many solutions available. However, it is suggested to talk to your ex-husband and his girlfriend first, but if that doesn’t work then a child custody attorney or the court may help you.

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